Pape Demba "Paco" Samb


    Private lessons are currently available. Please call for details. The Sunday afternoon group classes are starting in February 2024. New students will be welcome at this time.

    Paco holds weekly group classes on Sundays at his home in Wilmington, DE. The 5-6 pm drop-in session is appropriate for ages 16 and up. Beginners are welcome.

    The fee is $20 per session, payable at the session. Private instruction is also available for $40 per hour.

    Drums are available for use in lessons, or you can bring your own.

    Please call for further details.

    Private workshops for groups of 10 and above are available. Ages 9 and up. It's a great way to get feel for what it's like to drum. Call for pricing and availability. For kids ages 5-8, Paco does do bucket drumming workshops.